Diagnostics - $65

  • Test all software and hardware for proper functionality
  • Provide estimated cost for repairs

Drive Wipe/Destruction - $25

  • Permanently and securely erase all your data including documents, pictures and passwords from your PC
  • Destroy and recycle media (if requested)

Memory Upgrade/Replacement - $25

Software Install - $25

  • Install one application and perform necessary updates

Data Backup - $50

  • Setup local backup of data on your PC

Data Transfer - $50

  • Perform one time transfer of the contents of one PC to another

External Device Installation - $50

  • Install one device with drivers

Drive Upgrade - $75

  • Clone and replace existing drive

Walk-ins Welcome

Phone/Tablet Setup - $75

PC Tune Up - $75

  • Adjust operating system settings to provide maximum system performance
  • Remove unwanted programs and trialware
  • Perform critical Windows updates

Security Setup - $75

  • Install antivirus software and perform a system scan (software not included)
  • Install all Windows updates
  • Create a repair disk for emergency use

Computer Reload - $100

  • Reload corrupted system with existing system software license
  • Install all system drivers
  • Install all Windows updates
  • Install antivirus (software not included)

Data Recovery - $100

  • Attempt to recover data from failing drive via hardware and software recovery tools to another media device

Virus Removal - $100

  • Remove all malware from system
  • Confirm updated antivirus is installed and working

In Your Home

Let us come to your home for a flat $50 trip charge

WiFi Camera Setup - $50

PC Setup - $100

  • Physically connect one computer system with keyboard, monitor, and mouse
  • Perform two software installations
  • Connect two wired peripheral devices (e.g. printer, scanner, or webcam)
  • Configure existing Internet access and email account
  • Configure automatic Windows updates

Setup Home Network - $100

  • Setup a NAS file and printer sharing for up to three systems

Wireless Network - $100

  • Install new router and connect up to four devices